Who Are We?

The Find-A-Gun.com Web site was developed to fulfill a need of FFL holders. C&S Industries, LLC developed the Find-A-Gun Web site in order to provide FFL holders with a means to locate hard-to-come-by firearms from other FFL holders that might have the firearm of interest in their inventory.

We have a small firearms business in East Tennessee and had a special request for a firearm. After searching many Web sites, contacting our distributors, and wishing their was a method to contact the many, many FFL holders in the country, we decided to develop the Find-A-Gun Web site to fulfill that need.

Find-A-Gun.com is a free service to all FFL holders. Registration is required in order to post firearms to the site and to contact members of the site. You will need to supply some basic information about your business during the registration process. Once you have registered, you can Post requests to the Wanted page and receive e-mails when another member of the service requests a firearm.

Five Most Recently Wanted Firearms

Name Make Model Date Added
Ruger Red Label Ruger 4191 12/4/2013
Armalite M15A2B Armalite M15A2B 7/19/2012
Ruger LC9 Ruger LC9 4/6/2012
Ruger Red Label Ruger KRL-1227-BRE 3/29/2012
kel-tec pmr-30 22 wmr Kel-Tec pmr-30 3/23/2012
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